Ancient red dragon known as the Bringer-of-Ashes


It is said that Athkore is more than eighty-feet long from head to tail with a wing span of a hundred-feet. Sages suggest Athkore to be about two thousand years old based on lore collected about dragons over the centuries and the dragon’s immense size. Athkore carries many scars from a lifetime of conflict, including a gash that took his right eye.


Athkore, the Bringer-of-Ashes, is an ancient red dragon known for conquering the dwarven fortress of Bryn Dûm and turning the upper spire into his lair. He has demanded tribute and sacrifice from the people of Heartsford a handful of times over the past several decades and his most numerous and often encountered followers, the Ash-Claw kobolds, are an ever present concern for the local settlements. Even in his advanced age there is little hope of him dying soon with rumors that Athkore is seeking some way to prevent his inevitable death.


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