Alduril's Tooth

Wyrmtooth Dagger

weapon (melee)

Dagger +1
Lv 2 (520gp); Rarity: Uncommon
Critical +1d6 damage
Property: On a critical hit the target loses it’s resistances (save ends).
Power (Daily) – Free action. Until the end of the encounter, sorcerer attack powers used through this dagger ignore the resistances of any enemy within 10 squares of you.


The nine inch blade of this dagger is carved from a dragon’s tooth, the pommel wrapped in black leather. Arcane runes etched into the bone lightly glow along the blades length telling of their power.

This blade was made from the tooth of Alduril, a young black dragon that had been preying on a small village in the marsh lands along the sea.

Alduril's Tooth

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