Battle Standard: The Order of Saint Cuthbert

Battle Standard of Might


Woundrous Item: Battle Standard
Level 4 (Value: 840gp); Rarity: Uncommon
Power (Encounter * Zone): Standard Action.
When you plant the battle standard in your space or an adjacent square, it creates a zone in a close burst 5. While within the zone, you and your allies gain a +1 power bonus on damage rolls. This effect last until the end of the encounter or until the battle standard is removed from the ground. Any character in or adjacent to a battle standard’s square can remove it from the ground as a standard action.


This sky-blue banner bears the symbol of The Order of Saint Cuthbert and runes of power woven along the edges. The Order of Saint Cuthbert was a Knights Order founded by others who followed in the Exarch of Erathis’s example. The Order was strong during the age of the Nerathian Empire but has faded in the past decades. This banner was recovered from the smugglers in Morgan’s Landing.

Battle Standard: The Order of Saint Cuthbert

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