Bailan's Campsite in a Satchel

Enchanted Satchel


Bailan’s Campsite in a Satchel. (For those on the move – in a hurry!)
Lvl 5 (Value: 1,000gp) Rarity: Uncommon
Power (Daily): Standard Action. You open the satchel and it magically expands into a complete campsite, including a campfire and four two-person tents with bedrolls. The campsite last for up to 12 hours (requiring no fuel) or until you spend another standard action to pack the campsite back into the satchel once more.


This tightly packed satchel expands into a complete campsite that can automatically pack up again… quickly. Bailan, a leading member of the Crimson Blades, used this enchanted campsite to quickly travel through the Treadstone Mountains when hiding from the soldiers of Heartsford and greatly appreciated the quick cleanup when they were close to being discovered on more than one occasion.

Bailan's Campsite in a Satchel

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