Bryn Dûm

The dwarven city of Bryn Dûm fell over two-hundred years ago to the might of Athkore, the Bringer-of-Ashes and the orc hoards that followed in his wake. The dwarves scattered, many fleeing to the Nerathian Empire while Durgeddin the Black continued the fight building the now lost stronghold of Khundrukar which fell nearly a hundred years later. Nerath had not fared any better as its empire was destroyed by the gnolls around the same time. Here, far from the warring lords of the fallen empire, new settlements have risen but they are vulnerable. Much of the coast is marshland where lizardfolk, trolls, hags and even black dragons pose a serious danger. Tribes of goblins roam the edges of the forest while giants and orcs come out of the Treadstone Mountains to destroy all that they find. The Morningstar Plains are inhabited by gnolls and barbarian tribes. Beneath the realm is a labyrinth of passageways and dungeons from tombs and mines to forgotten cities built by past civilizations. Adventure calls and great treasure awaits those with the courage to push back the darkness of the wilderness, seek out the ruins of the past and claim their destiny.

~ Campaign Setting: Bryn Dûm ~

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